ST235/60R15 Tire Pressure Chart

Proper tire load capacity at specified tire inflation pressures for ST235/60R15 tires.

Tire Size 25 psi 30 psi 35 psi (B) 40 psi 45 psi 50 psi (C) 55 psi 60 psi 65 psi (D) 70 psi 75 psi 80 psi (E) 95 psi (F) 110 psi (G)
Single Tire
1250 lbs 1390 lbs 1520 lbs 1640 lbs 1750 lbs 1870 lbs 1970 lbs 2080 lbs 2200 lbs Show Specs
Dual Tires
1105 lbs 1230 lbs 1345 lbs 1450 lbs 1550 lbs 1655 lbs 1745 lbs 1840 lbs 1945 lbs Show Specs

ST235/60R15 is a Special Trailer tire size with a maximum tire load capacity of 2200 lbs @ 65 psi for a single tire, and a maximum tire load capacity of 1945 lbs @ 65 psi for dual rear tires.

Calculate tire load capacity for ST235/60R15 tire within tire tire pressure range of 25 psi to 65 psi. Inflating ST235/60R15 tire over 65 psi will not increase its maximum load carrying capacity of 2200 pounds.

All listed data is for informational purposes only. does not warrant or make any representations regarding the accuracy of or the results of the use of this information. Always refer to vehicle owner's manual for recommended tire pressure settings. Never overinflate or overload a tire beyond its maximum capabilities listed on sidewall. For individual tire size, refer to its load and inflation table.

Tires with ST235/60R15 tire size

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No available vehicles with ST235/60R15 as original equipment tire size.